Article 2: Are you in favor of adoption of Amendment No. 1, proposed by the Planning Board for the Town Zoning Ordinance as follows:
Amend Article II, Section 2.30 and Article III, Section 3.10 and Article IV, Section 4.10 to create a new low-density residential/moderate intensity commercial zoning district defined as Mixed Use III that will encompass an area 700' either side of Route 11 from Browns Hill Road to Trow Hill Road and 700' on the easterly side of Route 11 from Trow Hill Road to Jobs Creek Road in Georges Mills.

The full text of the amended sections will be as follows: 

Article II, Section 2.30, add the following after the Mixed Use II District: 
Mixed-Use III District – The Mixed Use III District of the Town of Sunapee offers some opportunities for highway service businesses while maintaining the rural-residential character with larger lot sizes and lower densities. In general, the Mixed-Use III District will be located along Route 11 between Georges Mills and Brown’s Hill Road and is specifically defined as follows:
The Mixed-Use III District begins at the intersection of Jobs Creek Road and Route 11 in Georges Mills thence runs 700' easterly along Jobs Creek Road, thence turning and running southerly and westerly parallel to and 700’ offset of Route 11 to the intersection of Browns Hill Road, thence running southwesterly along Browns Hill Road to the intersection of Route 11, thence due west 700' to a point, thence northerly and easterly parallel to and 700’ offset of Route 11 to a point 700' due west of the intersection of Trow Hill Road and Route 11, thence 700' easterly along Trow Hill to the center of Route 11, thence northerly along Route 11 to the point of beginning.

Article III, Section 3.10, add the following to the table of dimensions:

Minimum Lot Size 1.5 Acres
Maximum Residential Density 1 du/1.5 Acres
Minimum Road Frontage 100'
Minimum Front Setback (Rt 11 et al) 75'
Minimum Front Setback (other roads) 50'
Side and Rear Setbacks (Conforming) 25'
Side and Rear Setbacks (Non-Conforming) 15'
Maximum Lot Coverage 40%
Maximum Structure Height 40'

Article IV, Section 4.10, add the following table of uses:

Mixed Use III District – MIII
Permitted Uses by Right: 
Accessory Uses
Bed & Breakfast, Tourist Home, Inns, Lodging & Boarding
Boat Storage
Day Care
Home Business
Home Occupations
Long Term Storage Facility
Municipal Buildings & Facilities
Professional Offices & Clinics
Single-Family Dwellings
Two-Family Dwellings

Permitted Uses by Special Exception: 
Auction Halls
Auto, Boat, Engine Repair
Contractor's Yards
High Tech Research and Development Firms

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